How Long Before Social Media Governs The Planet?

Isn’t it fantastic, this social media lark. Look at the power we all so posses! I cannot argue that even this is quite something. This…the very act of me patting out this jargon, for you, the far-flung reader, to consume indifferently. That is, presuming there is someone on the other end of this screen.

I’m sure most of you folks, you media savvy bastards, are familiar in at least some regard with the Kony 2012 online crusade. What to think of it! I suppose Kony 2012 just goes to show, we can all play an influential, tide turning role in the ebb and flow of global events and issues. Doesn’t it? We, the faceless masses, we really can put a stop to atrocities in far distant territories?

Apparently so.

Curious then, that actions allegedly speak louder than words. That’s what they’ve always told us. Is this bygone phrase slowly being turned on its archaic head? No, not even that. It seems as though it could be morphing into something else altogether. Consumers speak louder than actions. Hashtags speak louder than words. Something along those lines, surely?

After all, I am moderately confident that the vast majority of the 70+ million viewers (thus far) of Kony 2012, were plonked in front of their monitor, passively digesting the information. They will have seen the fleeting gore of it all, the detailing of monstrous behaviours, and laced in amongst all of it; the rhythmic appearance of the filmmakers young, innocent blonde haired son – who provides a neat yet striking juxtaposition to the horror of it all, and probably helps to sway the viewers who are partial to a touch of the ‘cute’ factor.

Not much action, in the consumption of the thing. But the message has spread. And in order to adhere to the pretence of it all, the masses must celebrate their disgust in jubilant hashtaggery and character limited surmises.

Is this how all issues are to be resolved in the future? With high definition proposals to the social media community? With heart-wrenching presentations, all to be prioritised and listed in apple-pie order by the big dogs of Facebook, Twitter and so on! How long before the campaigners seek the approval of not the suit and tie governments, but the prolific, invisible networkers?

With 70 million hits in a week, the lip-smackingly coherent, 28 minute viral artefact only goes to show how accessible we all are to one and other, and to the major powers.

Not just to each other, though. Now Google has recently joined in on the information party from behind the scenes. Our 21st Century Wizard of Oz: Mr. Google. He knows what I want for breakfast, and which embarrassing infirmity I have most recently acquired. He knows what I like and hate, and just about everything in-between. I for one am certain we shall grow to lament the elephantine quality of Google. Everything is stored. Every last unspeakable which I have thumped into its constant engine.

Perhaps Google, too, is a candidate for the worldwide government of the future. Perhaps Google will merely act as an advisor to the President Facebook. Perhaps Google will become unsatisfied with its lowly standing amongst the populace, develop a resentment for President Facebook, and release the hold on the years and years of stored information. Highly confidential intel… Perhaps Google shall act as a catalyst to World War III, or IV (if we get that far) and emerge from it with undisputed global supremacy!

So, everyone and everything is accessible. That is what Kony has shown us. Thoughts are an old fashioned entity. Nothing is for yourself. Perhaps, in the future, I shall be charged for the nature of my Google-thoughts. Prosecuted by the moguls of Facebook. Judged by the masses. My plight all filmed and edited into a sleek, 28 minute product designed to bring about my downfall.

22 thoughts on “How Long Before Social Media Governs The Planet?

  1. Nice thoughts – I think you’re exaggerating of course but it makes sense. We need to stop Google from playing the Big Brother.

  2. great article and very true. I went to buy a film via youtube today and noticed it had my card details via google wallet which I have never used. Yes I think we will be tried by facebook pretty soon. Thanks

  3. Google is not the only one playing big brother every social media site has our info and can do what they want with it when you think about we gave it to them
    Great post

  4. I think that the limits of social media are becoming apparent along with its strengths. Consider the Kony 2012 issue. Various governments were already doing what they could about the issue. More people of aware of it, but not a lot more people are actually doing anything productive.

  5. Extremely insightful. I’ve had such thoughts in the past, but never attempted to articulate them. I, for one, don’t think you’re exaggerating at all. I do believe, at least, that social media will slowly but inevitably alter the foundations of government, and perhaps even the entire state system. Very thought-provoking, thanks. :)

  6. Random….An uncommonly sober post for you, though with your usual charming flippancy… :-) You raise some interesting questions, many of which have no clear answer, in my mind. One thing I know, and thoroughly like about the idea of the Kony 2012 phenomenon; it shows that one of your questions is answered, and I believe positively, when you regard what happened as a justifiable bringing of light to dark events, enough light that the events are altered. Evil will always hide in the dark, and any light we can throw on it is welcome on my Internet…. just sayin’…. Again, great post, insightful and thought provoking… you just pulled your covers a bit… you are a closet intellectual, aren’t you? Come on, you can tell us…. nobody will hold it against you…… ;-)

  7. You have raised some interesting points in the post. I am not sure, if spreading the message is the same as making changes. Many people I know are forwarding the KONY 2012 video but I honestly don’t think that they are doing anything else to change the situation; something that would be really helpful. Maybe I am simply being cynical. :-/ Cheers!

  8. If knowledge is power, then online entities like Facebook and Google have become very powerful with their vast abilities to store and use information about millions of individual users. I can only wonder how this power of mass information storage might be used in the future, and what the consequences will be, if this power falls into the hands of those with evil intentions.

  9. haha I love it… I killed my Facebook February 29th before they went public and that’s what lead me to start blogging. I really share alot of the same opinions with this post it was definitely worth the read!

  10. I <3 this blog. Super true. I still have my Facebook but I rarely get on it. I'm still new to the blogging world but seems a lot less stressful seeing how I have every single relative on my Facebook, lol.But the social media is definitely growing and expanding, which I believe is a little scary.

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