Cinnamon Sticks.

lay me down in the long grass

early october,

take me back.

take off your shirt, take the bridge,

take what was lost, the long last night, the

late winter night when you came around

and the cold had frozen your hair a little, to the peach

by the fountain, to the lazy afternoons delaying your

deadlines just a smidgen more for an hour of

us. to the severn breeze, and that moment.

i know that’s the happiest i’ve ever been.

and now scatterbrained, I wane, I’m vague,

it’s all gone.

But the letter –

tulips bloom, and spring –

when will we meet again.

watch the birches,

our constant.

like girls on hands and knees, as i

read to you that frosty night,

like girls that throw their hair before them

to dry in the Sun.

but i want you too. to

purse those petal pink lips

and blow away my blossoming agony.

lay me down in the long grass,

take me back.

tulips bloom, and spring –

when will we meet again.

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2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Sticks.

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