The Old Gabe House.

Before the old gabe house, standing
still the pillar rose up, skyward,
unrelenting. In silence on that shade-flecked
autumn afternoon. Between nearby fields waited
tamed and tethered ponies, as eddies of
golden leaves gathered
in the failing light. Foregone men
stepped up to place war-torn goodbyes.
Faces, worn and long, surrounded;
scattered amongst the church-goers,
six and twenty. And a hundred poppies more lay down
their blackened red heads, we said
prayers to that melancholy
tune, and the bugle spoke, and then –

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9 thoughts on “The Old Gabe House.

  1. Ankur Mithal says:

    Wow! Excellent. Haunting images you bring up…

  2. / upwards from the end /

    – “tune, and then the bugle spoke, and then — ” An opportunity to let the silence be itself?
    – “Faces, worn and long” – is ‘forlorn’ necessary? We think the detail is enough
    – “Standing/still” – nice! A potentially worn phrase here unexpected
    – “At the foot of” – might you play with other means? i.e. ‘Before’ etc.?

    Persistence is all – onward!

    Misera e stupenda città

  3. Keith Parker says:

    Outstanding. I was flipping through the complete Edgar Allan Poe over the weekend, and your poem conjured up similar feelings that Poe’s words did.

  4. John Stevens says:

    This is nice. You give us a real scene, a real moment.

  5. cynthiamcampbell says:

    I love opening my page and finding your writing. Thank You

  6. Neftali Pablo Basoalto says:

    Really wonderful poem. Strong images, great rhythms, and excellent voicing throughout. Thank you.

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